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Will the Colts Get Luck-y?



Fireman Mike at

Andrew About To Get Lucky

Standing six-foot-four, weighing 234 lbs., and a handspan of 10″, the man is a tough Quarterback to knockdown.  The way he moves in the pocket reminds this journalist of a later-career Brett Favre.  The calmness in spite of the blitz, the completions he makes before the hits, there’s no argument that he is one of the most coveted QBs this year.

One could argue that the Heisman winner this year, Robert Griffin III (or more commonly refered to as RG3), has a better game, and no team could do wrong with him, but let’s face it; only eight people to receive the prestigious award have ever made it to the Football Hall of Fame, and only six have ever been named MVP.  For such awesome honor, it really is its nickname: The Kiss of Death.

The statistics aside, should we really put so much stock into a system where the winner isn’t evaluated by skill alone?  I can hear the protests already, so let me explain my meaning.  In 2005, Reggie Bush won the Heisman Trophy.  Yet, when you look up the winner for the Heisman that year, you won’t find one.  Even though the Heisman Trophy Trust never made an actual ruling, Reggie Bush made an official announcement to return his Trophy.  Why?  The official reasoning consisted of an investigation by the NCAA.  It was claimed that Bush and his family recieved over $290,000 in gifted money, which went against the rules of the NCAA.  Let me repeat that, so the hugeness of the late situation can sink in further.

Reggie Bush received $290,000 in gifts, including a limo ride to the Heisman Trophy Award presentation for his family, nice clothes for the ceremony they otherwise couldn’t afford, along with lodgings and other such expenses, which were expected to be paid back (and allegedly were, according to the person who allegedly handed it out).   If these “gifts” were improper according to NCAA (which not only tarnished the reputation of this brilliant player, but banned USC from playing two seasons, vacating scholarships for three years and forcing them to permanently disassociate themselves from Bush [which is impossible by the way]) why is it that the Heisman Trophy Trust never officially asked Bush to give the trophy back?

It makes no sense that talent is rated, voted upon, then not acknowledged.   So the most talented man in 2005, a Super Bowl winner in 2008, and the man on everyone’s tongues last year couldn’t keep his trophy over… money?  That doesn’t sound fair, and the NCAA should be ashamed.  They may have rules about a player and his family receiving money, but if someone makes a deal with someone, or gives someone a gift, why should they turn it down?  Even Vince Young said Reggie Bush deserved that trophy, but Bush let it go, beacuse he understands the thing isn’t all that important.  What is important is the heart, and talent, of the player.

That taken into account, Robert Griffin III is a phenomenal player.  He’s not exactly what the Colts want though.  After their last season, I’m sure the Colts want to bury their head in the terf and call it a year, instead, they’re going rise up and lay claim to Andrew Luck (if they know what’s good for the team anyway), leaving Griffin available for the Redskins, who need all the help they can get.  This leaves one unanswered question: What will happen to Peyton Manning?

Sure, the Broncos welcomed him to the family three weeks ago, that much is clear.  They say he’s ready to start, and he’s just as strong as he used to be.   Their preseason games, however, don’t look promising, and no one will know whether Peyton can avoid injury long enough to play through the season.  This journalist would love to see Manning take the field and dominate the season and make it to Playoffs.  The absence of Peyton Manning was felt, though there was a distraction: his brother, Eli, who fought his way to Super Bowl glory, recreating an unthinkable rematch against the Patriots.  Perhaps this year, we’ll get to see more of Peyton.  Time will only tell if Denver got lucky or not, but the word on the street is the Colts will definitely get Luck.

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“Owner and operator were charged under the Magnuson-Stevens Act for fishing for sharks without the proper permit and for failure to release a shark in the manner that will ensure maximum probability of survival. A $2,000 NOVA was issued.”

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission classifies hammerhead sharks as a Group 3 shark, and harvesting them in state waters can be met with a second degree misdemeanor.

In the state of Florida, second-degree misdemeanors are punishable by up to a $500 fine and 60 days in jail, as determined by a judge.

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