Game of Fame: Unreal Tournament 3

One of the most popular franchises from Epic Games was the Unreal Tournament series. Unreal would be a major hit on the computer before finding similar success on both Xbox and Playstation consoles. The game is primarily an online multiplayer platform offering several game modes. These game platforms include large-scale Warfare, a Capture the Flag mode and a fun Death match mode option. Also included is an extensive offline single-player game with an in-depth story with each of the team members having unique individual personalities.

When Unreal Tournament 3 was launched in 2008 for the Xbox, I decided to give the game a try. What I found was one of the most fun and addicting multiplayer games I have ever played. A game that still gets heavy play year after year in my Xbox gaming console.

Although I wasn’t exposed to any prior editions of the UT series, I found Unreal Tournament to be filled with tons of entertaining features. For example, the automobiles are split up into two factions, the Axon automobiles and Necris automobiles. The Axon automobiles are identical automobiles from UT2004, but several have significant action changes.

Additionally, each player has a skateboard-like device that enables gamers to rapidly traverse large maps and grapple onto other team-mates’ automobiles. The hover board is extremely susceptible to attack meaning any hit would knock the gamer from the board and disable her or him for some time. I also found it challenging to choose when to use the board and when not, as you cannot use weapons when using the hoverboard.

There are 5 playable factions in Unreal Tournament 3. The playable factions are:

Iron Guard, a group of human mercenaries brought by former Tournament champion Malcolm the Ronin

A gang of four children of the Skaarj attack on the human colony Liandri

A number of advanced humanoid robots custom-built or retrofitted for combat the Krall

A warlike race of aliens formerly underneath the leadership from the Skaarj, coming back using their initial appearance within the original Unreal


The Necris;  players who’ve gone through the entire process of exactly the same title, which makes them more powerful at the fee for changing their biological processes with “Nanoblack”, effectively turning them into undead soldiers. Nothing like the undead huh?

Within the Campaign, gamers control people from the Ronin, and also the Necris function as the main antagonists.

It’s a great game that originally got me into the whole shooter genre. But sadly, 2008 was the last inception of the Unreal Tournament series. It garnered a some positive reviews from Gamespot, Playstation Magazine and Xbox Magazine. But even with the glowing reviews the sales numbers were lower than anticipated. It left many hardcore dedicated fans wondering when a new Unreal Tournament would be released.

Considering how popular the online community still is to this day in regards to Unreal Tournament 3, it was kind of shocking to see Epic Games take such a sabbatical on developing a 4th installment.

Earlier this year, Epic Games vice-president Mark Rein revealed the next edition of the Unreal Engine will be released in 2012. This sparks hope that a new, revolutionary version of Unreal Tournament series won’t be far behind. Once can hope.

But our first inductee to our Games of Fame goes to Unreal Tournament 3. Thanks for checking out the first official post of the new gaming blog from SportsRantz, the Deviant Gamer

Take a look at the demo of the Unreal 4 engine.