SportsRantz Radio Welcomes The Karyzma Sports Hour to Lineup

I am very happy to announce another brand new show to the lineup at SportsRantz Radio. With the evolution

I am very happy to announce another brand new show to the lineup at SportsRantz Radio. With the evolution of our radio station, the growth in our popularity and the overall growth of our audience at, it’s important for us as a brand to continue to improve. In some scenarios we are adding established brands and shows to our radio lineup. In other instances, we are developing brand new shows and those ventures are particularly exciting.

On Monday December 3rd, 2012 at 7pm EST we will be debuting a brand new sports show on our airwaves called “The Karyzma Sports Hour” and will be hosted by Marketing and Public Relations specialist, Karine Delage who is the CEO of Karyzma Agency based in Toronto, Canada.

Karyzma agency is a bilingual public relation firm base in Toronto, we work in the entertainment /sport and lifestyle and also do events throughout the year. – Karine Delage

Karine Delage

The show will be an innovative venture for us and will present something new to listeners. While the show will talk sports, there will be a focus on Sports Marketing and Public Relations as well. We also plan to make SR University a semi-regular part of the show as well.

This also continues our global expansion into Canada as this marks our second show that has a host broadcasting from Canada. SportsRantz is beyond thrilled to venture into our neighboring country and look forward to being tapped in to a whole new audience.

I wanted to allow Karine to explain what people can expect from this show:

They can expect a high energy show that will bring sports fans to understand the sports industry on a different level. We will have athletes on the show as well as sports professional. We will be talking about Marketing in sports/social media /branding, PR crisis and much more. You will have to listen each week to make sure you are not missing out on anything.

This means a big step forward being a part of SportsRantz Radio that I am so happy to take. I’m here to prove that women belong in the sport world and that we know what we are talking about.

Remember the show kicks off starting Monday December 3rd at 7pm EST. It will air for one full hour, right up until Slicks and Sticks broadcasts at 8pm EST. Make sure to follow Karine on Twitter @karinedelage


– Anthony DiMoro

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