Report: WWE Finalizing Deal With Anthem For Right To Hardy’s ‘Broken’ Gimmick

When Matt & Jeff Hardy made their shocking and triumphant return to WWE at ‘WrestleMania 33’ wrestling fans wondered if they would be bringing in their ‘broken’ gimmick used while wrestling for TNA/Impact Wrestling.

The Hardy’s have been in a legal stand-off with Anthem Entertainment, who owns TNA/Impact Wrestling and who is laying claim to owning the rights to the intellectual property of the ‘broken’ gimmick, claims that the Hardy’s have furiously denied.

Regardless, WWE brought in the Hardy’s with the plan to bring their wildly-successful ‘broken’ gimmicks as well.

Currently, WWE has been using the Hardy’s in a nostalgia-like format, similar to what they did with the Dudleys and the New Age Outlaws, but the ‘broken’ gimmick has been sporadically referenced.

According to sources, WWE is making progress on a deal that would secure the ‘broken’ gimmick rights so that they can utilize it for the Hardy’s in the future.

WWE is apparently willing to pony up the money for Anthem Entertainment to give up the rights.

While a deal is not expected immediately, the two sides are apparently making progress and that the conversations are both “positive” and both sides are confident something will get worked out.

Recently, Dave Meltzer reported on a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE was focusing on working something out with Anthem to retain the rights for the ‘broken’ gimmick.

So, it seems that the ‘broken’ Hardy’s are on their way to WWE in the not-so-distant future.