The Kings Of The South: Golden Arms Of The NFL’s Best Quarterback Division

There is no need to go through the divisions and compare the Quarterbacks because the best collection of passers reside in the NFC South. The North divisions of the AFC and NFC can boast that they have Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers but adding guys like Mike Glennon and the QB for the Browns.

Wait .. Who is the QB for the Browns?

I think you get the picture. Matt Ryan, Drew Brees, Cam Newton and Jameis Winston will drive the ratings for Fox every Sunday as they are the unquesitoned cornerstones for their organizations. Even though both teams caught “L’s” (or losses for those who may not catch the lingo) this division has had a QB in the Super Bowl for the last two seasons.

The only question that seems relevant in this division is who will be the top dog this year?

Matt Ryan – The Returning Champ.

In the words of Omar from The Wire. “When you come at the king, you betta not miss.” That is how you are going to have to approach your match-up with Matt Ryan. You give him too many chances and its not a matter of if he will burn you but when he will burn you.

Out of the foursome Ryan boast probably the most lethal weapon in Juilo Jones (no disrespect to Mike Evans). The crazy thing about Ryan is he is no one trick pony. He threw 38 TD’s last year and only 6 went to Julio Jones. He is spreading the ball around and he looks comfortable in any offense that is given to him.

On day 1, Ryan is the kingpin. He has “the juice”. He is the guy with the accolades, the numbers and a Gatorade commercial with MJ. Most importantly he is the guy that has that Super Bowl smell on his uniform. Like the great philosopher Ric Flair used to say, “In order to be the man you have to beat the man.” 

Drew Brees – The guy with the hardware.

If these 4 Quarterbacks walked into a room Brees would be the guy wearing the Super Bowl ring. (He’d also be the guy you could look right in the eye *rim shot*). Brees is like the Godfather of the crew who reads stories in a rocking chair to the other 3. I can hear him now, “alright boys Uncle Drew is going to tell you a story about the time Reggie Wayne cut off his route and I became a Super Bowl champion.”

Few things are certain in life. Death, Taxes and Drew Brees is gonna sling that football at least 40 times a game. Although the Saints had a 7 win season Brees still carved defenses up for 37 touchdowns and over 5,000 passing yards. They say you can’t teach a old dog new tricks, but at 38 years old you won’t find many QB’s with more bite than Drew Brees.

Cam Newton – Superman / Mr. Do it all.

You go to a Panthers game and you just might find Cam Newton selling beer and peanuts. Why not? He does everything else. Being a dual threat QB the kryptonite  for Cam seems to be NFL lineman. He is without a doubt the worst officiated QB in the league. As if running doesn’t lend itself to enough punishment, he rarely gets calls other QB’s get when getting hit.

(photo credit:  Cams infamous Superman celebration.

Cam still relishes being the guy you love to hate. We know that superman dance pisses you off which is why it is so entertaining. Cam probably has the least playmakers to work with which is why leading his team to the SuperBowl just two seasons ago is so amazing. For all that Cam is you can still make a argument that he is a underrated passer. I know he would love to have a Julio or Mike Evans on the outside (I bet he would even settle for Steve Smith). Until then we have to keep watching him make lemonade out of lemons (no offense Greg Olsen).

Jameis Winston – Famous Jameis the Young Phenom.

The folks haven’t been this excited since 2002. The Bucs haven’t had a franchise QB since … *insert Jeopardy music*.

Doug Williams? … And we all know that didn’t end well. Anyway, Jameis has the smile, the karisma and he’s righteous with that arm. He’s not afraid to take chances, and he has 4 stallions to throw to this year. Along with Mike Evans and DeSean Jackson on the edges the Bucs grabbed the best past catching Tight End in the draft to pair with Cameron Brate who caught 8 TD’s last season.

photo credit: sportsonearth .. Winston is the youngest QB in the South but he wants that #1 spot.

In his second season Winston took the Bucs from 6 wins his rookie year to 9 wins last season. The talk in Tampa is about playoffs but Winston doesn’t seemed phased by the pressure. His football IQ is through the roof and if the Bucs are patient this young phenom will have his turn as King of the South.

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