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Carson Wentz Receives Support of Teammates Fletcher Cox, Jason Kelce



Carson Wentz

Despite his benching earlier this week, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz still has the support of some of his teammates.

Eagles defensive tackle Fletcher Cox drew some attention when he liked a post on Twitter which asked people to Retweet for Jalen Hurts and like for Wentz.

“Carson is my best friend. He’s my guy,” Cox said, according to ESPN’s Tim McManus. “I’ve always had his back since Day 1. Jalen, he’s my teammate also, so you’ve got to support whoever is in there. It’s the NFL and we understand that things happen. It sucks for a guy like Carson to be put in that position because it never just comes down to one guy; there are 11 guys on the field.

“With that being said, my tweet is my tweet and I stand with it.”

Eagles center Jason Kelce also showed his support for Wentz.

“The moment he came in his rookie year, he transformed our offense, and that’s not just as a player — that’s him as a person” Kelce said. “That’s the intelligence he brings, the athleticism he brings. The competitiveness he brings made a tangible difference in practice every day and on game day.

So it’s kind of hard to believe we’re at this point, to be honest with you,” Kelce said. “This is ultimately a culmination of a lot of failures on offense.

“This comes down to more of a failure of every position, including coaches, to facilitate a functioning offense. That’s the biggest story here, not that Jalen Hurts is picked and there was some sort of internal battle and struggle going on with Carson Wentz. I don’t buy that.”

“The first and foremost job of being a Philadelphia Eagle in to be a good teammate,” Kelce said. “And that entails giving of yourself to others everything you can to help the person next to you succeed. So, obviously, it’s a bad situation personally for the careers of some guys, but we have a good team here in terms of everybody wants everyone to do well. We have a good culture.

“In particular, Carson Wentz is an incredible teammate. So I have no doubt in my mind that he’s going to do everything he can to help Jalen Hurts succeed, and I think anybody who isn’t doing that for all of their teammates should be on the first ticket out of here because that’s not the culture or the team that I want to be on.”

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