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Trovo Discusses Partnership with Restream




As the industry boom within the world of online live streaming continues it’s impressive track in 2021, more streaming platforms are ramping up their offerings in an effort to improve user experience, and their footprint in the market.

Trovo, the Tencent streaming platform, is no exception, and their recent partnership with Restream illustrates their efforts to lift Trovo’s imprint in the industry in 2021. Trovo has been forging partnerships over the past several months, with the likes of Allied Esports among others. Those partnerships have been important in Trovo’s continued growth moving forward.

I had a chance to talk with Trovo’s Senior Operation Manager Allen Chan as well as Brand Manager Silu Wang about the new partnership, setting themselves apart in a growing industry, and their plans for 2021.

“The partnerships are important for Trovo’s growth as it is not just shown in numbers but also in our community” Chan said, in an exclusive interview with Sports Rants. “Our partnership with Riot on LEC broadcast rights provides strong synergies to our European and League of Legends community. The Restream partnership also aligns with our focus on being an open and transparent platform as well as provides more opportunities for streamers to discover Trovo.”

Chan is correct. It’s those partnerships that has helped branch out their industry reach, while also improving their brand discoverability. More and more people are looking for Trovo streams and exploring their streaming platform as time moves on.

“The Trovo and Restream partnership not only helps Trovo creators gain more exposure on other platforms but also provides other creators never having been exposed to Trovo the opportunity to
try out a new platform” Wang added. “The newest update rolled out by Restream now also integrates Trovo chat with all other chats! Trovo welcomes and supports all 3rd party tools/ developers to join Trovo’s growing community and creates the best experience for streamers and viewers everywhere.”

As the industry continues it’s impressive growth, Trovo knows that more platforms are, and will pop up. But Trovo believes that they offer something unique to streamers, and viewers alike.

“Unlike other platforms where the focus is on more established names in the streaming industry, we’ve built our community based on the value of open access, equal opportunities and empowerment for all creators” said Chan.

“Based on these values, we introduced our creator partnership program, the Trovo 500 which aims to reward creators fairly via a prize pool totaling $30 million until the end of 2021. Also with other community focused functions and operations, we’ve established many communities that create amazing content but felt left out on other platforms. This grassroots initiative has helped us establish Trovo as a place to grow, watch and stream mobile gaming, as well as support competitive gaming content.”

The hard work is paying off thus far in 2021, and Wang says that the platform is positioned for even more as the year goes on.

“In February we reached over 40,000 peak concurrent viewers. In 2021, we really want to see substantial growth in North America, Latin America and Europe through our community
oriented operation and the Trovo 500 programs as well as more partnerships” Wang said.

Trovo seems to be just scratching the surface on an incredible 2021 which will see continued growth and an opportunity for more streamers to explore the Tencent streaming platform first hand.

Anthony DiMoro is the creator of Sports Rants and the CEO of Elite Rank Media. He is a former Contributor for Forbes and the Huffington Post where he covered sports, social media, and SEO. Anthony formerly hosted the 'Forbes SportsMoney Podcast'.