Gamactica Officially Announces Gaming Podcast Directory


Gamactica announced the launch of a new directory on their platform that is aimed at spotlighting gaming podcasts on platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Spotify, and Anchor, among many others.

The Gaming Podcast Directory is yet another discoverability feature that has rolled out from the social networking platform, which has made a considerable impact on the streaming industry with the success of the Stream Directory.

Much like their other directories, the Gaming Podcast Directory will allow people to search for an industry-related podcast based on factors such as platform, content, and rating. Once they land on a specific listing page, visitors can immediately tune in to an episode from the podcast, quickly access and connect with their social profiles, and also network and follow them directly on the Gamactica platform.

With the recent launch of their mobile app, this only increases visibility for those shows that are listed.

Gamactica is an innovative, one of a kind, social networking and marketing platform exclusively dedicated to the streaming, gaming, esports, cosplay, and game dev industries. Backed by an award winning internet marketing company, Gamactica is able to pass on the benefits of internet marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Marketing, and Social Media marketing to their community, and their directories.

While there are a number of places to find podcasts, there can be challenges to finding specific content such as twitch podcasts, and more specifically twitch gaming podcasts, which can give viewers a truly unique interactive experience with a show.

By providing a resource that can help people narrow down their search to find these podcasts not only provides a powerful benefit for listeners, but also for the shows themselves, especially during the big boom of the industry over the past few years.

If you’re a podcast and interested in being listed, don’t worry, it’s free, but Gamactica does require you to follow a few steps in order to be approved. Simply click here if you are interested in getting started.