ACC 2022 Recruiting Classes Ranked


During the summer is when many high school recruits start to commit to the school they want to play college football at. There are many reasons why this happens. One is because players want to get it out of the way before their senior year. Another is because they had a long, standing relationship with a specific school and are ready to give their commitment to it.

With official visits happening before their senior year, it’s easier for a prospect to whether or not the school is a fit for them. For the schools, getting commits right now is big. It’s easier to put their attention towards recruiting before the start of summer practice.

Let’s take a look at where each is in terms of commits for the 2022 class. The first conference that will be looked at is the ACC. All rankings are from the 247sports composite.

  1. Florida State: Florida State won ten games in 2016, since then they have only had one winning season. However, you wouldn’t know it looking at their class so far. Florida State has the ninth overall class in the country with 15 commits,  two of them being five stars. This includes the number two recruit in the country, Cornerback Travis Hunter. Their other five-star is Athlete Sam McCall. Florida State also has a top-100 quarterback in AJ Duffy. The rest of their four-stars are Defensive Lineman Trevion Williams, and Offensive Linemen Antavious Woody, Qae’Shon Sapp, and Aliou Bah.
  2. Clemson: The Tigers have the 13th best class in the nation with ten commits at the moment. Their top player is Quarterback Cade Klubnik, the 33rd best player in the country. They have another top-40 player in Cornerback Daylen Everette. The three other top-100 players in the class are Safety Keon Sabb, Edge Jihaad Campbell, and Wide Receiver Adam Randall. The only player committed to the Tigers that’s not a four-star is Kicker Robert Gunn. It will be interesting to see how many players Clemson will take, as they only signed 19 kids in 2021.
  3. Virginia Tech: The Hokies have to bounce back after finishing 43rd in 2021 and struggling in their home state. So far, Virginia Tech has done just that, with them having the 15th overall class with 19 commits. This includes two four-star recruits from Virginia in Offensive Lineman Gunner Givens and Running Back Ramon Brown.  Linebacker Xavier Simmons is close to being a four-star and could get there with a big senior year. The class also includes two quarterbacks in Devin Farrell and Alex Orji. If Virginia Tech has success on the field, this should be a good class for them.
  4. Boston College: Boston College should be just about done with their class, as they already have 22 commits. Right now, they sit at the 17th best class overall. Just like, Virginia Tech the Eagles have two four-stars in Safety Siona Hala, and Wide Receiver Joseph Griffin Jr. Following those two are high three-stars Defensive Lineman Kwan Williams and Quarterback Peter Delaportas. Boston College’s commits are from all over the country. They have played committed from Massachusetts, Georgia, Texas, Nevada and even California.
  5. North Carolina: Mack Brown has done a great job at recruiting for North Carolina since taking over as head coach. The Tar Heels have the 23rd overall class with 11 commits. Four of those commits are top-200 recruits. They are Running Back Omarion Hampton, Cornerback Tayon Halloway, Edge Malaki Hamrick, and Wide Receiver Tychaun Chapman. They have two other four-stars in Cornerback Marcus Allen and Edge Beau Atkinson. One more edge player for the Tar Heels is high three-star  Bryson Jennings. Three-star Conner Harrell is their quarterback commit for this class.
  6. Georgia Tech: The Yellow Jackets are going into their third season after changing from a triple-option offense. They also have to compete with the Georgia Bulldogs for the state’s best recruits. However, that hasn’t stopped them from having ten of their 13 commits from the state of Georgia. The class is ranked 34th Three of their four four-star commits are from Georgia with Linebacker Jaron Willis, Wide Receiver Janiran Bonner, and Running Back Antonio Martin. The other four-star is New Jersey Defensive Lineman KJ Giles. At the moment, the Yellow Jackets do not have a quarterback commit.
  7. NC State: NC State shares a recruiting state with conference foe North Carolina. The Wolfpack’s top two commits and five others are from North Carolina. They are Running Back Michael Allen and Linebacker Torren Wright. Defensive Lineman Brandon Cleveland is the school’s other four-star commit. High three-star MJ Morris is the team’s quarterback commit. With 11 commits for 2022, NC State has the 42nd ranked class in the nation.
  8. Duke: One spot behind NC State is Duke, with 13 commits in their 2022 class. All of them are three-star recruits at this time. Their top two commits are Offensive Lineman Steven Nahmias and Cornerback Chandler Rivers. Their quarterback commit is Henry Belin from New York. The Blue Devils also have players from Georgia, Texas, North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.
  9. Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh’s 13-man class ranks 45th in the nation. Just like Duke, the Panthers have no four-stars in their class.  They do have two players in the top-700 in Defensive Lineman Jimmy Scott and Wide Receiver Camden Brown. The only player from their home of Pennsylvania is Defensive Lineman Sean Fitzsimmons. Pittsburgh has one unranked player in Australian Punter Sam Vander Haar.
  10. Virginia: Virginia’s 12-man class is ranked as the 47th best in the nation. This includes one four-star in Wide Receiver Dakota Twitty. Offensive Lineman Brody Meadows is the Cavaliers’ other top-500 commit. Three-star Davis Lane is the team’s quarterback commit. Meadows, Lane, and unranked Edge Keyshawn Burgos are from the state of Virginia.
  11. Wake Forest: The Demon Deacons have an 11-men class that is ranked 56th in the country. Wake Forest is not known as a recruiting powerhouse. However, they do seem to find some diamonds in the rough in every class. Wake Forest has two top-500 recruits in Defensive Lineman Eli Hall and Running Back Demond Claiborne. Quarterback Brett Griffis is the team’s fourth0highest ranked commit.
  12. Miami: The Hurricanes only have six commits right now, good for 62nd in the nation. However, three of those commits are four-star players. They are Cornerback Khamauri Rodgers, Quarterback Jacurri Brown, and Athlete Chris Graves. Linebacker Justin Medlock is the team’s other top-500 recruit. Once Miami gets more commits, they will move up in the rankings.
  13. Syracuse: Syracuse only has one player in the top-1000 in Defensive Lineman Q’yaeir Price. They have the 68th best class with eight commits. Syracuse has no quarterbacks committed to them.
  14. Louisville: Just like Miami, Louisville only has six commits right now. The class is ranked as the 82nd best class in the nation. Unlike Miami, the Cardinals only have one four-star player in Edge Popeye Williams. Quarterback Khalib Johnson and Zavion Thomas are also in the top-700. It will be interesting to see who commits to the team later on.