Magic Johnson Says Chris Paul Should Call LeBron James Immediately After Opt Out

chris paul

Magic Johnson knows that the talk over the next few weeks will be Chris Paul’s situation with the Phoenix Suns, who were just defeated in the NBA Finals by the Milwaukee Bucks, and if the All-NBA guard will decide to opt out of his current contract.

If Paul does, it doesn’t necessarily mean he will leave Phoenix, in fact the odds are that Paul stays in Phoenix via remaining in his current deal, or opting out to work out a new long-term contract with the Suns.

But Johnson says that if Paul does opt out he should immediately call his friend LeBron James and join him with the Los Angeles Lakers.

“If Chris Paul opts out of his contract with the Suns, his first call should be from his best friend LeBron James and the Lakers” Johnson tweeted. “A big three with LeBron, Chris, and AD will equal a NBA championship!” he added in another tweet, referring to James, Paul and Anthony Davis.

Still, the Lakers would struggle to find the cap space to land Paul, and even if they did they would need cap space to build out the rest of their team too. Given how depth really hurt the Lakers last season, a Big 3 built on James, Davis and Paul wouldn’t necessarily mean a “cakewalk” to an NBA title, especially given the injury struggles of Davis and James.