Gamactica Announces Content Rating System for Stream Directory


Gamactica has officially announced a new Content Rating system for their Stream Directory , also known as the Content Creator Directory.

“In an effort to enhance the search mechanism and algorithm of the Stream Directory to help you find more of the content you want to see, we felt a rating system could be helpful” Anthony DiMoro, CEO of Gamactica stated. “Ratings can vary from stream to stream, but this will give anyone searching a general idea of the kind of content a specific streamer, or content creator, is offering.”

“We feel that this is another layer in addressing the discoverability and visibility issues that streamers and content creators face. Businesses, brands, and viewers can not more easily connect with the content and creators most suitable for them” DiMoro added.

“We aren’t making this mandatory for applications, or those who are already listed.”

Here are the ratings:


Rated Everyone – content intended for all ages

Rated Teen – Content is generally suitable for ages 13+ and may contain violence, etc.

Mature 17+ – contains content suitable for ages 17+

Adults Only – contains adult content and language.