Gamactica, Trovo Announce Partnership

trovo gamactica
Live-streaming platform Trovo and social networking community & marketing platform Gamactica have officially announced a partnership that will see Trovo streamers coming to the Gamactica platform and listed in their Stream Directory.

“Trovo’s growth over the past year has been impressive, and we aim to bring Trovo streamers to the Gamactica and list them in our Stream Directory to give them additional exposure” Anthony DiMoro, CEO of Gamactica said.

“Our Stream Directory, which is a component of our platform, provides an innovative way to find content creators across all streaming platforms. We make it easy to find gamers, streamers, and content creators based on the games they play, platforms they stream on, location, and console they play on.

Each listing provides a Content Creator/Streamer a powerful presence with SEO impact that can directly impact visibility, brand value, and discoverability beyond platforms. Coupled with our social networking community, Gamactica provides a much needed industry-specific platform that directly addresses the issues that streamers and creators face regarding discoverability and networking.”

“Trovo is excited to be partnering up with Gamactica and seeing our streamers in Gamactica’s registry in hopes that it will help increase our streamers discoverability”  Anum Aamer, Marketing Manager Trovo Live.