CM Punk Talks Daniel Bryan, Adam Cole Joining AEW

CM Punk

AEW All Out was a special event last night, and was jam packed with a lot of surprises and big moments.

One of which was the in-ring return of CM Punk, who has not wrestled since he left WWE abruptly several years ago. However, Punk’s return to the ring was not the only big moment, as the event also saw the AEW debuts of former WWE stars Bryan Danielson and Adam Cole.

Punk spoke of their additions in the post-event media scrum, and compared it to the WCW/nWo days in the mid-to-late 1990s.

“I’m not (Hulk) Hogan, I’m not  (Randy) Savage, Daniel Bryan and Adam Cole are not the Outsiders,” Punk said. “I see the parallels. This is totally different and I’ll go ahead and say it, people can quote me and they’ll be pissed off about it, to me, this is bigger.”

“Obviously, I think it’s going to be very impactful,” Punk continued. “I’m not personally in the business of a war or competing. I know who competition is and who competition isn’t. To me, we focus on ourselves. We focus on the talent we have and we focus on the people in the building and I think that’s how we grow.”