Gamactica Officially Announces New Military Directory


On Monday, Gamactica officially announced a brand new directory and resource hub for Military streamers, Military content creators, brands, advocacy groups, stream teams, and more to kick off a week where a number of announcements have been teased.

“Similar to the Content Creator Directory/Stream Directory, the Military section will be a directory for Military streamers, gamers, Military content creators, as well as brands, stream teams, gaming groups, advocacy groups, non profits, charities and more. It is open to both active duty and veterans” the announcement stated (via Portals).

“It is important that, as our platform grows, we continue to evolve and also introduce meaningful sections that can positively impact the industry. Powered by our platform, and our award-winning marketing structure, It is my hope that this better connects the community, and helps create more visibility, more support, and better connectivity for active duty and military creators and brands.’

You can check out the new section here, and stay tuned throughout the week for more announcements from Gamactica.