AJ Styles On Match with Edge: ‘We Are Getting Close’

AJ Styles

Many fans have been clamoring to see AJ Styles take on WWE Hall of Famer Edge, ever since Edge made his surprise return during the Royal Rumble in 2020, but the Wrestlemania worthy match has not yet come to frutition.

According to Styles, the match isn’t that far off from happening.

“Absolutely, I think the last time Edge and I were in the ring together he separated my shoulder with a spear” Styles said during an appearance on WWE’s The Bump. “Which was, you know, the way it should have been.”

“But, we need to get back in the ring with a one-on-one match, and get this thing over with” Styles continued. “I want this match. He wants this match. When is it gonna happen? We’re getting close.”