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Alabama’s Bryce Young Takes Blame for Crimson Tide’s Inability to Finish Drives



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Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback Bryce Young is taking the blame for the team’s inability to finish drives during Alabama’s loss to the Georgia Bulldogs in Monday night’s 33-18 loss in the College Football Playoff National Championship.

“We had a lot of opportunities, moved the ball relatively well. We did some stuff well. We didn’t execute, and at the end of the day, that’s on me,” Young said following the game, according to ESPN’s Chris Low.

“I love my guys. I’ll forever love my guys. I wouldn’t trade my guys for anything,” Young said. “And … it’s a little tough that I let them down today. But I love those guys and they stepped up. Adversity has been our thing all year. I’ve just gotta do better with it.”

“We worked tremendously hard, and the guys around me, they all worked super hard, and I don’t feel like they deserve this,” Young said. “So it’s something that I have to take from. And I’m just proud of my guys. I love my guys, every one of them, both sides of the ball. I wish I could have been better for them tonight.”

“Just didn’t execute, one reason or another,” Young continued.  “Didn’t execute, and ball touches my hands every play. It’s my job to put the ball into the end zone.”

Young also credited the Georgia defense for changing things around and providing different looks.

“Some looks took me a little bit just to get down,” Young said. “The O-line battled and fought all day, all season, and some of that stuff may look like, may look interior, may look like scheme, but there’s a lot I have to do with that. And I think that they switched up some stuff, had different tendencies. And I have to process that faster, just make the right play for the team better than I did tonight.”


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