Warriors’ Steph Curry Shares Message with Fellow Players

Steph Curry

Golden State Warriors superstar guard Stephen Curry joined the likes of Trae Young, Scottie Barnes and Cade Cunningham and participated in the Rico Hines Basketball camp, and had a message for young players.

“Good to see your competition, like everybody’s in here with one goal: to be ready for June, whenever your time is. If it hasn’t happened yet, these are the moments that matter. When you look back, you accomplish your goal, you’re proud of yourself for how you handle the times that nobody’s watching,” Curry said during his talk.

“No better feeling talking to anybody that’s been there, but all this stuff matters … because in June, you need this [pointing at his head], you need your body, you need your competitive fire–and it’s all built right now.”

You can check out the talk below: