Now that you have been added to the Sports Rants Contributor team you will want to setup advertising so that you can monetize your content. As we stated on our Contributors Application/Information page and in our Welcome Email the Configuring & Managing of Advertising is 100% your responsibility.

Since you are entitled to 100% of the advertising revenue that you generate via your ad network affiliation, any and all managing, payouts and configuring is to be 100% in your control. We do not directly affiliate with any advertising network.

Each advertising network will provide an HTML code. Most times, this HTML code works with our website but there are instances the HTML does not collaborate with development structure, therefore that particular advertising network will not be an available option. To find out if the HTML is compatible simply retrieve it and apply it to your existing content.

If the ad displays it works, if not it s not compatible. Please refer to the directions below regarding how to place HTML Advertising code in your content.

There may be some instances where an ad network will not work with anyone other than the website owner.

If you are having issues finding an ad network that is compatible with Sports Rants, please refer to our page of suggested networks. This list will be updated from time to time and is based off member & contributor suggestions.



Applying HTML Code to Content


1. Copy HTML code from Advertising Network Website


2. Log into your Sports Rants Account


3. Go to the Dashboard of the section you are Contributing to


4. After composing your content click on the TEXT tab


5. Enter the HTML Code at the bottom of the content text


6. Once Published the Ad Should be Visible.


If you want additional instructions, please refer to the Sports Rants Contributor Welcome email message we sent when you were officially setup as a Contributor.