Now that you are contributing to Sports Rants, you are going to want to monetize your content. Keep in mind that this is a process that you are 100% responsible for. Since we are not aligned or contracted to a advertising agency, we do not direct contributors to any specific destination. However, we have suggestions we can make based on what other users have found.

It’s important to remember the rules. We do not allow Porn or Online Casino advertising. Any violation of these rules can result in suspension of contributor access.

The two most common Ad Networks are Google Adsense and Chitika. Here are the reasons why these networks are not an option:


Google Adsense: Some networks require the website owner to be the only registered account for that network, essentially only website owner, in this case Sports Rants, can have an advertising account for


How to Find Ad Networks

One of the easiest ways to find a advertising network is to do a Google search for “Affiliate Programs“, this search will return results for advertising partnerships that are more likely to be successful.

Here are some additional options to look into (although not guaranteed to work)

Link Share – Reportedly the largest affiliate network, with over 10 million affiliate partnerships

Click Bank – a global retail and affiliate network.

Commission Junction – Said to be the largest affiliate marketing network in North America (though it operates globally) and claiming the number-two spot in the 2012 Blue Book of Top 20 Affiliate Networks for being “the best at balancing the relationship between the merchants, the network, and the affiliates,”

ShareASale – Claiming the number-three spot in the 2012 Blue Book of Top 20 Affiliate Networks for being the “overall best performance marketing network in the world today,”

Max Bounty – MaxBounty came in sixth in the 2012 Blue Book of Top 20 CPA Networks

Never Blue – Neverblue is a pay-per-action affiliate program that pays its affiliates for lead, download, and sale generation, as well as for new affiliate referrals

Peerfly – PeerFly is a PPA network with its own proprietary software system.

SBForum – A sports betting odds site that offers an affiliate program. Simply email for more information on getting started.

eSportsonline – A website some of our contributors have had successful affiliate partnerships with.

Amazon Affiliate Network – Perhaps the easies to start with, Amazon’s affiliate network.


Placing the Advertising Code Within Your Content


Once you have found a good advertising network you will need to manually place the code within your content in the proper manner. This is outlined in your Sports Rants Contributor Welcome email, so please refer to that video if you want a reminder. For additional, step-by-step instructions, or for additional information, please refer to our section on Setting up Advertising.

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Monetization as a content creator or writer can involve understanding different elements of niches and industries. For example, Sports SEO is important to sports content websites such as Sports Rants, and it is why we not only implement the best strategies, but are renowned for our work in Medical SEO, global markets, local markets, and even target markets such as Miami SEO and other geolocations.