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Tag: Kansas City Chiefs

Chiefs Favorites to Win Super Bowl LVI

Despite being blown out by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl

Anthony DiMoro Anthony DiMoro

Tom Brady And Pats Play Record 8th AFC Championship Game, Seek 6th Superbowl

It's Championship Sunday and one of the NFL staples remain atop the

Matt Ladd Matt Ladd

Chiefs Trade Pro Bowl Quarterback To Redskins

Three days after the 2018 Pro Bowl, Pro Bowl quarterback Alex Smith

Christopher Mabry Christopher Mabry

2018 NFL Wild Card Weekend: AFC

Happy 2018 everyone!!! It’s that time, the NFL Playoffs commences this weekend,

keena keena

NFL Week 15: Winners and Losers

Week 15 was pivotal as some teams rose up to the occasion

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NFL Week 14: Winners and Losers

With just a few weeks left in the regular season, teams are

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NFL Week 13: Winners and Losers

Week 13 saw some interesting results. Here are my winners and losers:

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NFL Week 12: Winners and Losers

There were some standouts and surprises in week 12. Here are my

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NFL Week 11: Winners and Losers

Week 11 saw some standout performances and a few surprises. Here are

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How the Cowboys Can Survive 2017 Without Ezekiel Elliott

After what has seemed like an eternity, the NFL has seemed to

Zachary Cottam Zachary Cottam

NFL Week Seven: Winners and Losers

Week seven saw some teams getting much-needed wins and some shockers, here

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NFL Week Six: Winners and Losers

Week six saw statement wins and a few surprises. Here are my

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NFL Week Two: Winners and Losers

Week two saw some breakthroughs and a few interesting results. Here are

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NFL Week One: Winners and Losers

It’s back from another season, finally. Week one saw some shockers and

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Denver Broncos’ Jamaal Charles Feels ‘Back to Normal’

When the Denver Broncos landed former Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal

Anthony DiMoro Anthony DiMoro

Patrick Mahomes II Has a Chance to Be “The Guy”

The NFL has a major problem on its hands regarding the quarterback

Ryan Bonds Ryan Bonds

NFL Mock Draft 1.0

Everyone's favorite part of the year, the NFL draft. When you assess

Malik Zorrok Malik Zorrok

NFL Divisional Round Preview

It’s down to the elite eight in the NFL, as we’ll see

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NFL Wild Card Weekend Preview

Here we are a new year and the start of the NFL

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Sean Payton Makes More Sense for the Denver Broncos than the L.A. Rams

(Photo by Bleacher Report) As the New Orleans Saints have not had

Rajiv Bais Rajiv Bais

NFL Week 15: Winners and Losers

With just a couple of weeks left in the regular season, teams

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