Kyle Busch, Greatness and Bristol

Hate him, Love him, Loath him and say what you want to about Kyle Busch; but he sure can

Hate him, Love him, Loath him and say what you want to about Kyle Busch; but he sure can find a way to be a race winner. And to Kyle Busch that is the main goal in his career is to win and be a champion. And this past weekend at Bristol Kyle Busch showed off his talent in the Nationwide race by beating out teammate Joey Logano by .019 sec, as this was the closest NASCAR Nationwide Series finish at Bristol – which if you asked Kyle, it made it that much more special.

Not only did Busch win a race by the ‘skin of his teeth’, but he also became the all-time NNS career wins leader. Anyone would admit that winning 50 career NNS races is pretty remarkable, but keep in mind four of those wins came at Bristol (where he also became the first driver to win 3 consecutive NNS races).

With all of this winning, what do some of the other drivers think? When Clint Bowyer, who finished P3 tonight, was asked about what he thought of Busch, he joked “We all hate him by now, but he’s really good.”

This seems to be the common thread, drivers love to hate Busch and it shows. It might not be the wins that have drivers upset, but by how he goes about his wins but that’s a whole different story.

With 50 career NNS victories, over 100 career NASCAR victories it is safe to say that Kyle Busch is on his way to making the NASCAR Hall of Fame and there are a lot of people that would love to see him fail at this. Most people will never compare Kyle Busch to a young DW; but the similarities between the two are eerie.  Most fans always what to know why DW picks Kyle or tends to favor Kyle and it’s because he sees himself in Kyle Busch.

Kyle Busch may not have the trophies that Jimmie Johnson or Jeff Gordon has…yet. His antics may get him in trouble, fines and what not but don’t let that take away from his driving abilities because Kyle Busch will win a championship and be a great driver in the series.

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