Chicago Bears: When In Doubt, Safety It Out. Why Drafting A High End Safety Is Priority

2016 in Chicago did not have the year fans had hoped for.

If you’re a Bears fan then most likely it only go up from where we have been in the last couple years. Although the team’s roster looked somewhat promising, the team couldn’t pull it together.We had a 3-13 season in 2016 with multiple quarterback injuries, and weekly roster changes. Their issues were on both offensive and defensive sides. The biggest question for fans is who will be chosen in the first round; a quarterback or a safety?

Although most people are completely focused on the lack of an efficient quarterback, when they should be focused on which safety to recruit.

This year the Bears showed one of their biggest weaknesses when it came to coverage. More than not, key tackle opportunities were missed or there was lack of communication among the cornerbacks and safeties. This allowed for critical passing plays to be made by opposing teams.

A great safety is aware of their surroundings and has heightening instincts when it comes to predicting a running play or to stop the play before it has happened.  In addition to quick decision making they need speed on the field to enact what is needed to be done after predictions are made. Without it their instincts are worthless. Ideally they’ll have increased height along with a higher weight in order to effectively tackle, although this is not the number one factor in choosing a safety.

An example of the benefits a safety can be shown through Eric Berry last season while he played for the Chiefs. Lets not forget week 13 Chiefs vs. Falcons when Eric Berry intercepted 2 yards from the Falcons end zone and ran it for a touchdown in the fourth quarter which left them with a win of 29-28. Berry predicted where in the end zone Matt Ryan would pass the ball, ran in between the two, and quickly sprinted down the field.

Top three draft prospect FS:

  • Malik Hooker (Ohio State)
  • Budda Baker (Washington)
  • Marcus Williams (Utah)

Top three draft prospects SS:

  • Jamal Adams (LSU)
  • Jabrill Peppers (Michigan)
  • Obi Melifonwu (Connecticut)

Who to look out for:

  • Eric Berry (Chiefs)
  • Tony Jefferson (Cardinals)
  • Harrison Smith (Vikings)
  • John Cyprien (Jaguars)
  • Donte Whitner (Redskins)
  • Barry Church (Cowboys)
  • Ricardo Allen (Falcons)
  • Micah Hyde (Packers)

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