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Emily Gallizo

RN, BSN stationed here in Wicker Park Chicago. The Bears are my team but I have appreciation for all teams and their players. Fantasy football helped me to that. Always up for conversations on any team or player. Passion is watching foot ball four times a week during the regular season (one day being college football). Contact me on twitter or instagram @emgchae
4 Articles

Quarterback Irony For Chicago Bears

Yesterday the Chicago Bears and Mark Sanchez finalized a one year deal.

Emily Gallizo Emily Gallizo

The Cleveland Browns And A Quarterback

The Cleveland Browns are leaving 2016 with a 1-15 record. Will they

Emily Gallizo Emily Gallizo

Brandon Marshall: Where Will He Jet To Next?

After being on the Jets the last two years this NFL veteran

Emily Gallizo Emily Gallizo

Chicago Bears: When In Doubt, Safety It Out. Why Drafting A High End Safety Is Priority

2016 in Chicago did not have the year fans had hoped for.

Emily Gallizo Emily Gallizo