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Brandon Marshall: Where Will He Jet To Next?



After being on the Jets the last two years this NFL veteran is back on the market. He has been on the Broncos (2006-2009), the Dolphins (2010-2011), the Bears (2012-2014), the Jets (2015-2016), but where will he end up next?

He would be an asset to teams that already have their feet on the ground. This consisting of a fluid offense and experienced quarterback.

The way I see it, five teams that could be benefited by obtaining this Vet include but are not limited to: 49ers, Ravens, Chargers, Titans and the Rams.

In his last two years with the Jets he has had 2290 receiving yards, 17 TD’s, and 3 fumbles. The five best outcomes for Brandon Marshall for 2017: Ravens, Titans, Buccaneers, Chargers, and Cardinals.

Ravens: Steve Smith Sr has left the team and this veteran could be a path to success in the 2017 with John Harbaugh.

Titans: They already have the talent but could use Marshall to vet their young talent. The titans flew a bit under the radar but will be a team to watch in 2017.

Buccaneers: If Winston gets his temper under control and takes the time to get work done these two could be a lethal combination. Although this team most likely will go in another direction.

Chargers: Who on this team isn’t injured? With extra help their players could remain healthy, and less worked. When Melvin Gordon went out the WR’s couldn’t make up for the talent lost.

Cardinals: Without Michael Floyd they could use some experienced talent.




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