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Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns And A Quarterback



The Cleveland Browns are leaving 2016 with a 1-15 record. Will they be able to turn it around in 2017?

This year the Browns have 1st pick in the first-sixth round; as well as the 12th pick in the first round, twentieth pick in the second round, 36th pick in the fourth round, along with the 32nd and 38th pick in the fifth round.

This year the Browns have the highest needs for a QB, cornerback and defensive lineman.

Last season, Robert Griffin III showed the worst numbers in his career. He only had two touchdowns, 886 yards, 3 interceptions, and a 59.2% completion rate. Before the Browns, Griffin played with the Redskins, and his numbers were twice as high or more than those of this year.

Moving forward the Browns could keep Robert Griffin III starting in order to draft someone like Mitchell Trubisky from UNC. This allows them to keep a draft pick for new talent and lets them develop a new player under Griffin. Trubisky showed high accuracy and speed on the field. The Browns could use someone who is flexible in the pocket and quick to make decisions.

The Browns are looking to adjust their defensive line with top talent and save the quarterback issue for later. A safety, cornerback, and quarterback all can make or break a game. Due to the previous talent shown by Robert Griffin III, the Browns may be hoping that last year will not depict the future season.

CURRENTLY: Browns picked up Brock Osweiler 

Browns took Brock Osweiler from the Texans along with a second round pick (2018) for a fourth and sixth round pick (2017).  Last year Osweiler had a 59% completion rate, 15 touchdowns, 16 interceptions, and 2.957 yards. Only the future will tell whether or not the Browns will keep him for the long haul.

Who to look out for: 

Jimmy Garoppolo: Good Luck. It seems like the Patriots have no true interest in letting him go in the upcoming season unless you’re offering a couple first picks. Not going to happen New England (or will it).

Deshaun Watson: Quick and flexible in the pocket, strong arm, quick decision making. Top performer in the 40 yard dash (4.66 sec), vertical jump (32.5 inch), broad jump (119 inch) and 3 cone drill (6.95 sec).

Mitchell Trubisky: Highest accuracy among peers at the combine, pocket mobility, and adequate size. Top performer in 40 yard dash (4.67 sec), 3 cone drill (6.87 sec), and 20 yard shuttle (4.25 sec).

Patrick Mahomes: Has shown increased improvement in comfort and accuracy over his college career. He takes risky passes into tight windows but has the arm to make them. He is flexible and quick in the pocket. Top performer in the 3 cone drill (6.88 sec), and the 20 yard shuttle (4.08 sec).








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Cleveland Browns

Thursday Night Football Preview



Photo: © Dean Bertoncelj | Dreamstime

For several decades, the New York Jets and the Cleveland Browns have been the laughing stock of the National Football League.

Down in New York, the Jets have struggled to find their new starting quarterback. They’ve tried quarterbacks like Mark Sanchez, Geno Smith and Chad Pennington to become the next Joe Namath. But, all they had was heartbreak. Now, entering week three in 2018, they are 1-1 with Sam Darnold at the helm. Can they go 2-1?

Over in Cleveland, Ohio, all Cleveland rooted for were Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Cleveland Indians. Since they returned in 1999, they’ve been through more quarterbacks then when someone changes socks. But, with a veteran quarterback leading the way and one waiting in the background, Cleveland is looking to be the top dawgz!

After almost winning in week 1 and losing by 3 in week 2, I feel like Cleveland Browns will finally win a game.

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Cleveland Browns

Josh Gordon Released by Browns



In 2012, in the second round of the Supplemental Draft, the Cleveland Browns selected Josh Gordon, wide receiver out of Baylor University.

When the Cleveland Browns drafted Josh Gordon in 2012, the knew he was a talented wide receiver. Since coming into the league, he has totaled over 3,000 yards. However, the problem for Josh is staying on the field and away from trouble.

Gordon’s troubles in the NFL began in 2014 when he was first was suspended a DWI in North Carolina. He returned from a year-long suspension this season and the Browns even activated him on to the 53-man roster. on September 15, 2018, the Cleveland Browns released Josh Gordon

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network appeared on “Good Morning Football: Weekend” to give a reason why he was released. In short, it was because they just couldn’t trust him.

The Cleveland Browns go to New Orleans to face the Saints this afternoon. Stay tuned with Sports Rants with the latest NFL news.

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Cleveland Browns

Browns’ Mychal Kendricks Charged with Insider Trading



Cleveland Browns linebacker Mychal Kendricks has been charged with insider trading, with an official announcement from U.S. Attorney William McSwain coming on Tuesday detailing the charges.

Kendricks released a statement shortly after the announcement saying he accepts “full responsibility for my actions” and that he “knew it was wrong.”

“I would like to apologize,” Kendricks said in a statement released by his attorneys.

“Four years ago, I participated in insider trading, and I deeply regret it. I invested money with a former friend of mine who I thought I could trust and who I greatly admired. His background as a Harvard graduate and an employee of Goldman Sachs gave me a false sense of confidence.

“To this point, I had worked my tail off since I was 5 years old to become a football player. I was drawn in by the allure of being more than just a football player. While I didn’t fully understand all of the details of the illegal trades, I knew it was wrong, and I wholeheartedly regret my actions.”

McSwain said both Kendricks and Damilare Sonoiki, a television writer who has been charged with assisting Kendricks, face “substantial prison time” if convicted.

“I sincerely apologize to my coaches, the owners, and my teammates on the Eagles and the Browns, the NFL, and the magnificent fans to whom I owe my career,” Kendricks said in the statement. “I also apologize to my family, who I have failed in this. You all deserve better, and I will work my hardest to re-earn your trust and respect, serve as an advocate to educate others, and show you that I will never be involved in anything like this again.”

Kendricks allegedly made a profit of nearly $1.2 million via four separate investments tied to insider trading around four years ago.

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