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Canelo Alvarez/Gennady Golovkin, Supremacy Prediction



This weekend on Saturday night September 16, a REAL fight shall take place. The sports top two best middleweights, Canelo and Triple G will collide at the T-Mobile Arena Live on HBO Pay Per View.

Now this right here fight fans, is the biggest fight of the year and the most anticipated clash in recent memory, middleweight supremacy is now FINALLY upon us.

This battle resembles Carlos Monzon vs. Rodrigo Valdez and Hagler vs. Hearns rolled into one, so let’s get it on.

Triple G, Gennady Golovkin is a devastating power punching terminator and enters the ring with a flawless 37-0 record.

Saul Alvarez, the young legend known as Canelo, is a counter puncher with dynamite in both hands. Canelo enters the ring with a very impressive 49-1-1 record.

When I watch both of these fighters operate, at first sight I see two evenly matched murderous punchers with very good punch selection.

I then take a deeper look to breakdown each fighters advantages over one another and this is where some separation becomes visible.

Canelo has the edge in hand speed, reflexes, quicker feet, counter punching ability, and is sharper defensively.

Golovkin on the other hand is a harder puncher, has a more sharper dagger of a jab, and is much better at cutting the ring off on his foes while in pursuit.

Both combatants have a proven sturdy chin but Golovkin may have a slight edge here due to him being more accustomed to being hit by larger and harder punching fighters.

A big key is in body punching, both fighters are excellent at setting up killer body blows but with Canelo the setting up part seems to come more natural, it flows like water when he attacks your midsection.

Where with Golovkin, he appears to mainly only assault the body when he sees some vulnerability upon his preys face.

So as you can see, the case is there to be made for either fighter, and this is why this is a must-watch monster matchup between two vicious boxers in their prime.

For Canelo, his left hook to the body and left uppercut are going to be his biggest weapons against Triple G. Canelo must also give him angles and stay moving to not allow Golovkin to have his feet set to launch his power shots.

For Golovkin, his jab must be employed in the same manner that he used it against Lemieux. Another huge weapon for Golovkin is that nasty European overhand lead hook that appears to be aimed at your chin but he then curves it and it lands on your temple or top of your cranium.

Canelo will look to lean on the ropes to pepper Golovkin with off rope counters, but this is where Canelo will also be at his most vulnerable position. Reason being because Golovkin loves to throw soft punches to set up much harder punches, giving foes a false sense of hope.

It could very well be the type of clash where both fighters trade knockdowns, but if a stoppage comes, it will come at the hands of Golovkin.

And here is the thing, I strongly feel Golovkin will need a knockout to secure the win. I just don’t see Golovkin getting a decision win over Canelo.

Alright so here it goes, I am taking Canelo to beat Golovkin by a close tough to score split decision.

Grew up in and went to school in Peoria, Arizona. Sports has always grabbed my attention, especially boxing. Love talking sports, muscle cars, hip hop, and comics. Follow me on Twitter @AlvarezBoxing & on Instagram @albertalvarezboxing