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Wilder/Ortiz, Kovalev/Mikhalkin, And Bivol/Barrera Fight Predictions



March 3 at New York on Showtime

Deontay Wilder(39-0) vs. Luis Ortiz(28-0)- In looking at both of these monster heavyweights, Ortiz seems to make better use of the ring on offense by boxing opponents from a safe distance and on defense he cuts the ring off pretty good for a guy his size.

As for Wilder, Wilder has raw technique but his quick feet, length, and scary power makes it nearly impossible to get into close position to test his chin. Ortiz has a great jab and is a solid combination puncher.

On the flipside, Wilder has a hard pawing jab and launches haymakers to discourage foes from fighting on the inside to work his body.

Wilder as of yet has not faced a fighter to really force him to think twice about the way he hunts down his prey. Maybe just maybe is Ortiz that man to create traps that will have Wilder walking into a heavy punch that he never saw coming.

I however see Wilders’ youth, heavier hands, and athleticism as the deciding factors in this clash. I feel that Ortiz will get caught with shots coming out of combinations enough to make Ortiz somewhat gun-shy heading into the later rounds. Give me Wilder by late fight TKO.

March 3 at New York on HBO

Sergey Kovalev(31-2-1) vs. Igor Mikhalkin(21-1)- Ones best shot at beating Kovalev The Krusher is to employ a consistent jab and attack his body(in some cases, hitting him below the belt and pray that the referee misses or ignores the penalty).

In the very little that I have seen in Mikhalkin, I didn’t see him throwing the type of jab that will disrupt or the body attack that will keep the Krusher away.

Kovalev has the edge in every category against Mikhakin, and for that I am picking Kovalev to punish Mikhalkin with right cross shots and a powerful left hook to drop and stop Mikhalkin in the 5th round.

Dmitry Bivol(12-0) vs. Sullivan Barrera(21-1)- Both fighters have good power and are versatile enough to give each other problems. Barrera has just enough experience to derail the Bivol express.

Bivol however has the type of stiff jab used as a primary weapon and seems to be a very hard fighter to discourage from being able to do exactly what he wants to do.

Barrera seems to be the slightly brighter fighter and may have a few tricks in his bag that Bivol has yet to see.

Barrera’s left cross is a very good shot that he fires out that sneaks up on you and he almost always finds a home for it.

Here is the thing though, I really like Bivol’s feet placement when he rips out his shots, his feet always being in position to land that fight changing powerful shot right down the middle or around the guard. I am taking Bivol by unanimous decision in a fun fight.

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