Gamactica Aims to Bring Much Needed Features to Streamers

The popularity of streaming platforms such as Twitch, Youtube, and Mixer provide us a glimpse into a bright future in terms of streaming.

As popular as variety gaming streams have been for each platform, mainly Twitch and Mixer, the niche has evolved to become more versatile and ever-changing, introducing more content options that, sometimes, fall outside of the gaming realm.

And while platforms such as YouTube has had a number of marketing and promotional methods pop up, from the spammy to the legit, over the past decade, there has yet to be a viable Twitch marketing and/or any sort of Mixer marketing option for streamers looking to grow, and market their brand.

The first 3 paragraphs of this article seem as though I am talking about two completely separate aspects of the streaming industry, but with Gamactica, they are all linked together.

Gamactica may still be in BETA, with a full launch tentatively expected to arrive in January 2010, but it already boasts over 400 members who are all gamers, streamers, cosplayers, or content creators.

Gamactica is a social community that allows those within the gaming and streaming industry to network, and also provides solid marketing options, not reliant on spammy bots or black hat methods, to empower members.

Gamactica is steeped in proven internet marketing and SEO methods, the very foundation of the website, and these methods provide a “trickle down” impact to it’s members.

Sections such as their Directory section are prime examples of how this works. The directory houses Twitch Streamers, YouTube channels, Brands, Content Creators and Mixer streamers all in an organized, easy to navigate section.

So, for example, if you are on the hunt for IRL streams, or ASMR streams you can go to Gamactica’s directory and find specific streamers. Each page houses an embedded channel for easy viewing, plus a little bio along with social media links to help you fully connect with a specific streamer or brand.

The directory also houses, esports teams, content creators and cosplay, and even gaming teams as well.

As the site continues making steps towards it’s full launch, the website continues implementing features and evolving their marketing options to help you create the best Mixer, YouTube, or the best twitch stream you possibly can.

And just as diverse as the industry is becoming, the community is diverse as well. Even if you aren’t a streamer, Gamactica is a hub for gamers to connect, find gaming teams, and find others to game with. Heck, there is an even a section for gamers dating to help members make that special connection.There is even a section for fitness streams and even music streams as well.

As the industry evolves, and as it grows at an incredible rate, Gamactica is creating a platform that has the potential to be the ultimate community and resource for all members of this incredible movement.

They are making it easier to not only connect with others, but find both Twitch channels and other Mixer channels in a more efficient.

In an industry that is booming such as the gaming/streaming industry, these resources become more valuable with each passing day.