Pittsburgh Knights Announces Partnership with APE

Pittsburgh Knights

Absolute Power eSports (APE), which is the parent company of SeolHaeOne Prince, has announced a partnership with esports team the Pittsburgh Knights.

The new agreement will see the Knights and APE “establish operations in South Korea and United States,” with the esports teams looking to land a spot in the new LCK, with APE looking to expand global strategies which includes “global marketing and sales, tournaments and events, online and offline fan engagement activities, and celebrity marketing.”

“I believe the future of LCK and APE lies in globalization, and our partnership with the Pittsburgh Knights is the first step in the right direction” OJ Kim, Owner of Absolute Power eSports said in an official statement.

“The Knights can help us to connect to the vast pool of extensive knowledge and experience in both esports and traditional sports with the Pittsburgh Steelers and other relevant sports-industry stakeholders.

“We will continue to grow our synergy from the partnership through joint development of global sponsorships, and we will show you the esports team that continues to grow together with LCK.”

“On behalf of our investment group and our team, we are excited to complete the strategic partnership and shareholder participation agreement with APE” James O’Connor, President of Pittsburgh Knights stated.

“We would like to express our sincere enthusiasm for the LCK and its global expansion. The Knights have wanted to participate in the LCK from the moment we launched, and this partnership between APE and the Knights will serve as a best practice example of global strategic partnerships.

“We will do our best to help the league by sharing the methodologies we’ve adopted with the LCK and APE. Our goals are for the Knights to become actively involved in Korea’s champion-making esports ecosystem, and ultimately to share the intensity, excitement, and culture of APE and the LCK with North and South American audiences. We are committed to giving our full support, now and with future opportunities.”