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AJ Styles Discusses WWE Policy on Twitch Channels, Twitch Streams, YouTube



AJ Styles

WWE superstar AJ Styles is one of the most popular professional wrestlers in the world, but he also has been one of the top streamers, from his days on Mixer to his switch to Twitch, Styles has maintained strong viewership numbers.

Waves were made over the past week when reports circulated that WWE was looking to prohibit talent from streaming on Twitch and YouTube, or even utilizing Cameo.

Since then, more information has come out to shed some light on what superstars can do with their Twitch channels, YouTube channels, and more.

During one of his recent Twitch streams, Styles discussed what has been going on in regards to the company’s new policy on content creation.

“From the contacts that I have, the information I got, WWE does want us to interact with our fans, and that meansstreaming” Styles said during the stream. “They want this to happen.”

“They [WWE] want you to have a YouTube channel” Styles continued. “There are things that they want you to do, and be able to do, and that, what we know was a little vague, at first, but we’re going to talk about what needs to happen.”

Styles went on to say that WWE wants superstars to “stream and interact with our fans.”

Styles also went on to discuss that he own’s his name, and that is why he has been able to use it wherever he goes (such as Impact Wrestling, NJPW, WWE), and that if he did need to change up his Twitch name, he would.

You can check out Styles’ official channel on Twitch right here.

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