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Roman Reigns Says It Would Be Too Easy Competing During Attitude Era



roman reigns

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns believes that if he were to compete during WWE’s legendary Attitude Era, it would have been too easy for him, according to an interview with Sports Illustrated.

Reigns believes that the real challenge for WWE superstars today is being PG, and not going the “cheap route”.

“To be honest, and this is gonna make some good headlines, but it would’ve been too easy, I feel like [John] Cena said it before” Reigns said in the interview. “It’s a challenge to be PG. It’s a challenge to not have to go the cheap route.

Being able to shove everything up everyone’s ass, to do that stuff, to just chug beers—and I’m not taking anything away from the performance and the physicality of what they did and the stories they told in the ring—these guys were great performers and great in-ring wrestlers.” according to the Big Dog, “But the character development was easier.”

“If I could just start chugging bourbon and smoking cigars, imagine what my character could be. We could go even further on this mob boss thing. It’s more challenging what we do now. It’s the facts.”

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